Bidra till Open Food Facts

All you need is a scan-do attitude! :-)

Kan vi göra matindustrin mer öppen och transparent? Ja vi skannar! 25.000 Open Food Facts contributors and growing - Since 2012
Ja vi skannar!

Alla kan bidra

Bli en del av vår gemenskap, en fri och öppen databas med livsmedelsprodukter från hela världen!

Open Food Facts är ett ideellt projekt som drivs helt av volontärer, vi behöver dig.

Lägg till produkter

Use our Android, iPhone or Windows Phone app to easily scan the barcode of products from your home or local stores and upload pictures of their label.

Ingen smartphone? No problem: you can also use your camera to add products directly on the web site.

Berätta för världen

Vi måste kategorisera produkter och extrahera ingrediensförteckningar och näringsfakta för att analysera deras näringskvalitet, för att avgöra om de är lämpliga för veganer och vegetarianer och mycket mer!

You can help us complete products by selecting and cropping photos and filling in information.

Berätta för världen

Gillar du Open Food Facts? Tell others about it!

You can present the project to your family and friends, show them how to install the app and contribute, write a blog post, and share Open Food Facts on social media.

Make it local

You can help translate the site and mobile app in your language, as well as the taxonomies, and to translate presentations, announcements etc.

Start or join a local contributors community: add local products, recruit friends, present the project in local meetups and conferences etc.

Experthjälp behövs

Developing Open Food Facts also requires specialized knowledge and expertise in many different areas:

  • Projektledning

    We have tons of ideas and you probably have even more, but it is quite a challenge to prioritize them, to build a roadmap, and to manage projects when every participant is a volunteer with often limited time available.

  • Design

    We need help to build a better user experience on the Open Food Facts web site and mobile app, to improve their design, to create impactful presentation materials etc.

  • Utveckling

    Vi har mycket utvecklingsarbete att göra. On the Open Food Facts backend (Perl and MongoDB), API (JSON), web site (templatized HTML5, JS, Foundation), iOS and Android apps (a Java/Kotlin version on Android, and a Swift version on iOS, both needing volunteers), a Flutter app for iOS and Android, but also to build new cool reuses etc. We have projects in many programming languages to ensure anyone can reuse and contribute to Open Food Facts, in any language. Vi har också ett växande arbete med artificiellt intelligens för att förenkla bidragsarbetet. Vår kod finns på GitHub.

  • Gemenskapsbyggnad

    We need to build local communities in all countries and at the same time unite them globally.

    It is very difficult to bootstrap a local community in a country without living there, so your help to find the first very motivated participants is essential. Är du en av dem?

  • Kommunikation

    We are not sure what to write here, could you help?

    More seriously, there are lot of cool things that users, contributors and reusers do with Open Food Facts, it would be great to get more people to know about it. In particular, we need help for public and media relations.

  • Särskilda projekt

    There are lots of interesting and original applications of food open data that we could work on with government food agencies, food producers, researchers, universities, schools, NGOs etc. Kanske har du redan idéer? If you do, please help us to push them forward.

Låt oss prata!

A lot of ideas, energy and enthusiasm are shared in our contributors community, join us!

Here are some places where you can meet other contributors, talk to them and work with them:

  • Slack

    Slack is the best way to interact and collaborate with other contributors, developers and reusers. It's a discussion forum you can access from your browser or your phone. It completely changed how we work together. Please try it, click on the button below to get invited to our Slack.

  • Facebook-grupper

    Vi har Facebookgrupper för Open Food Facts bidragsgivare på många språk. Joining them is a good way to get news about the project and to share announcements to a wider audience.

  • Wiki

    Vi har också en wiki som vi använder för att tillsammans dokumentera Open Food Facts och dess delprojekt. Från wikin kan du lära dig hur du kan översätta den flerspråkiga informationen (kategorier, etiketter etc.) som en livsmedelsprodukt kan ha (hjälp av vad vi kallar taxonomier). Du kan till och med hjälpa till att lägga till en matkategori eller en etikett som ännu inte stöds av Open Food Facts.

There are many more ways to contribute to Open Food Facts, please join us on Slack and let's start the discussion!